Chill-It BPA-Feee Teether by Natursutten (fish)

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Chill-It BPA-Feee Teether by Natursutten (fish)-
Chill-It BPA-Feee Teether by Natursutten (fish)
Natursutten teething rings are filled with purified, sterilized water, free of any chemicals.

The rings themselves are made from Evatane (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a material also used for medical products. Free of BPA, phthalates, and any chemical softeners.

This product bears the EN 71 European standard, an EU norm concerned with safety in child use and care articles, and conforms to CPSIA.

Made in Germany.

Caution! Teething rings can be cooled down in a refrigerator, but NEVER in a freezer. They must NEVER be boiled or steamed, and do NOT attempt to sterilize them in a microwave oven.

ABOUT EVA, from a Healthy Child Healthy World blog by Janelle Sorensen.

"Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) has been the safer substitute for PVC for several years. According to Wikipedia, EVA is used as foam for various types of padding, in hot glue sticks, in plastic wraps, some artificial flowers, many Crocs-brand shoes and accessories, and more.

One of the reasons EVA is superior to PVC in regards to health and environmental impacts is that it does not require the addition of chlorine (which leads to the generation of dioxin, a highly persistent carcinogen) and it doesn’t require plasticizers (like BPA or phthalates). It is safe enough to be recommended by our esteemed colleagues at Health Care Without Harm for use in neonatal intensive care units, so you shouldn’t worry about your baby playing on it or gumming it up a bit."

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